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Alpharetta's Premier Fitness Studio


 Customized Programs    - Expert Coaching 


 *1-1 Personal Training      *Semi-Privates.     *Small Groups

*Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching* 


- Encouraging, Fun, and Welcoming Atmosphere 


{Be Comfortable In Your Own Body Again}


Who we are


Mission:  To provide a positive, empowering, and memorable health and fitness experience enhancing the quality of life, social circle, and community, one person at a time. 


About Us:  Established in 2014, our Alpharetta premier fitness studio continues to raise the standard for the industry through our ability to positively impact those in our community.  Our team understands that each client is unique with different mindsets, goals, limitations, and needs that require us to be highly adaptable throughout their fitness programs.  In an intimate studio environment. Helping to further this concept we understood that we had to create individualized training programs for each client.  This ensures that each time a member comes through the door that they have direction and can see there is a plan in place for their success. 

Our coaches educated and highly certified ensuring continuity amongst our team to better serve our clients. In fact, we have become a host site for some of the top certifications in the country, in part to our unyielding drive to gain knowledge to deliver the best service to our members. 


We absolutely love what we do, this is what helps the energy be so contagious among us and our clients in the studio. Our goal is to mentor, train, and educate those in front us ensuring we truly embody our role as coaches.   Coaches that simply train our to clients to improve their current state of fitness, wherever that may be. We are an educated and passionate crew, with a family oriented feel of a studio yielding results through the most up to date findings and research in the industry. 


This creates a fun, welcoming, and invigorating atmosphere for our members and coaches to make their gym going experience the best part of their day.


MONDAY- FRIDAY: 6am-8:00pm

SATURDAY: 7am-1:00pm

SUNDAY: Closed (rest day!)


We have two bathrooms and 2 showers.

We provide towels for workouts and toiletries in our shower rooms as well.

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Customized Personal Training 

Individualized training programs tailored to YOU! Each day you come to our studio we will have a plan, will be tracking all of your progress, and providing ongoing motivational and nutritional support. We adjust for any limitations and create structure working towards your success.  Prepare to be uplifted, encouraged, challenged, and have fun in the process.


Semi Private or Small Group Training 

Our semi-private programs provide the same tailored and customized training plan as our private sessions.  Each member in our semi-privates will have  their own program and be coached towards their specific goals.   Meet new people, share ideas, or simply focus on your own workout.  Simply show up and we'll take care of the rest.

Hear what our members are saying!



the term 'good' here offered by Google isn't strong enough - this operation is like a primer on how a fitness studio like this should operate - the team of coaches are remarkably in tune with each other and in a caring attitude to serve the members, and put service first in meeting the fitness needs, goals and fitness levels of each member - I was reasonably fit when I started this process 6 months ago, but I have achieved strength here that I wasn't expecting - this place is like a family among the team and the members - I look forward to carrying my 6 decade body well into the future - for anyone considering a committed personally trained strength and conditioning program - I can't recommend Body by Design highly enough - and btw, keeping the studio carefully clean and safe during the season of the 'wicked virus' is a priority that is well practiced


This is THE best gym I have ever joined and the only one that provides such personal service. You have so many choices and the workouts are constantly changed up so you never get bored. I joined a year ago and still learn new moves on a regular basis. The added personal touch is top notch and includes everything from nutrition to injury modifications to a warm greeting every time you arrive/leave from all of the awesome trainers. The constant encouragement to see you succeed is non-stop. I was SUPER nervous when I first started, but quickly learned that the incredible trainers take their time to make sure you learn each move correctly so that you do not get injured. I never belonged to a gym with such personal focus and I will never go back to the big box gyms again as the grass is definitely greener on this side!


Best gym experience I have ever had! All of the trainers are amazing! Extensive knowledge and professionalism. I have been with Body by Design for 3 years and even drive an hour to work out here after I moved. They cannot be beat

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