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Johnathan Romero


Johnathan was born in Fredericksburg, VA and moved to Alpharetta, GA at the end of Middle School. He played Lacrosse primarily, and played in college at the Division 3 level. Originally Attending Misericordia University, he pursued his undergraduate degree in Sports Management with a focus in the Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy pathway, and began to find his passion for exercise through organized team workouts and experiencing dramatic strength and bodily changes. Once graduating with his undergraduate degree, he then continued onto Misericordia’s DPT program where he primarily assisted in Misericordia’s Pro Bono clinic, and a local outpatient facility. Additionally during this time, he worked as a Sports Performance coach at Athletic Republic getting the opportunity to work with multiple Division 1 Hockey, Lacrosse, and Baseball athletes, learning to understand various performance metrics.


Using this new-found appreciation for how the body functions, and following his passion for fitness and science-backed exercise data, he decided to opt-out of Misericordia’s Physical Therapy program and search for other options to make his passion a career. Since leaving Misericordia, he has primarily worked as a trainer at various gyms in the surrounding Metro-Atlanta area. Johnathan strives to stay up to date on current research of differing bodily functions in regards to how exercise affects them, and how we can best improve these functions. Johnathan is also a current student at Kennesaw State University, pursuing his Master’s of Exercise Science, and serving as a Graduate Assistant Personal Trainer for the Dance Program.

Outside of the gym, Johnathan loves playing video games, collecting Star Wars Lego sets, and has a passion for aquariums.


Favorite Quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”



 B.S. Exercise Exercise, CPT 


Weight loss, Muscle Hypertrophy, Mobility




"Comparison is te thief of joy" 

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