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Dwight Price

CPT - ACE, PPSC, TRX - Level 1

Dwight grew up in Rowell and was active in a plethora of sports. After years of pitching in high school baseball, he realized his love for the leadership and growth in his team and decided to pursue performance training. His constant passion for bettering himself and others lead him to take this opportunity and transform it into a career. Through his own sports and fitness related injuries along the way, he was able to gain further knowledge of what it takes to heal your body and modify exercises in a way that is safe and effective. Following the experience of coaching and being an active lead in the strength and conditioning program for the entire baseball team, he began to create new goals within the fitness community to broaden his knowledge and constitute a lasting impact on people’s lives. His aspirations include reaching a wider demographic, creating personalized exercise programs to fit an individual’s needs, help build healthier habits within the community, set a safe environment for beginner levels, build confidence, and help you become the best version of yourself. Whether it’s being able to play with your grandkids, hiking a difficult trail, or simply just wanting to live a more active lifestyle, Dwight will be there with you to achieve your goals every step of the way.


Certifications:  ACE CPT, PPSC, TRX - level 1


Weight loss, Strength & Conditioning, Rehab


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