Brad De Castro, CFSC

BS, CPT, NASM, Kinesiology

Bradley graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelors’ in Exercise Science. His passion for fitness started when he was a sophomore in college. Before that he didn’t like to exercise or even sweat. But he felt like things in his life wasn’t going so good so he wanted a change physically, mentally, and emotionally. Exercise was his outlet of letting go stress and any other negative emotions, which in return has helped him improve on himself everyday. He was tired of being depressed and not liking the way he looked, so he started to lift some weights. Watching youtube videos on different exercises and nutrition has helped him get a general foundation of what it means to live a healthier lifestyle. Over the years he has learned different tricks and tips, which not only allows him, but also to his clients on how to function better everyday. Bradley specializes in bodybuilding training, which deals with working on fixing muscle imbalances, weight loss, hypertrophy, and isolation work. What really made Bradley want to be in this field is his need and desire to help others live a healthier lifestyle. The way he completely turned his life around has motivated him to also want the same for others. He wants people to feel confident in their own skin and to own it.


Certifications: NASM CPT, CFSC, B.S. Exercise Science Georgia State University


Weight loss, Strength & Conditioning, Kettlebell Training  


Favorite Quote: 

“Don’t go through life, grow through life”