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Training Programs that fit YOU!

All training services abide by the same principles with accountability, positive support, and a professional atmosphere at the forefront. Our coaches are ensuring your form and technique keep you safe and injury free.   



Private 1-1 Training 

One on one provides the individualized attention and customed designed program that are 100% specific to YOU and meet your needs. This approach includes an initial movement screen to determine the best approach in moving forward with your body type (i.e. strengths, weaknesses, overactive and underactive muscles) thus ensuring we don’t overdevelop or underdevelop muscle groups unecessarily. This process allows us to detail and develop the program prior to your first session.


Semi-Private Training 

All of the same benefits and necessary pre-liminary interaction as 1-1 with an accountability partner. This allows for similar attention as 1-1 but a more time efficient and cost effective approach. Each client in this scenario has their own individualized program unique to them.  


Small Group Training

Personal training in a group environment. This environment focuses on strenghtening, toning, and weight loss while preserving the invidual training atmosphere so no member feels left out! The energy is high, results guaranteed, and a stronger firmer body than you’ve ever dreamed!

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