Neal Smith

BS, CSCS, CFSC, Founder of Body By Design

Neal has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years including growing up playing soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and wrestling where he excelled reaching state placement in his senior year. From there he began training friends and family members in late highschool. Once graduated, he entered into the Exercise Science program at Georgia Southern University where his training went to another level. By studying anatomy/physiology, biomechanics, biophysics, and nutrition he was instrumental in designing strength/conditioning programs for the football team. Initially taking the physical therapy route with a goal of applying to a DPT Physical Therapy program thus using his internship rehabing at an outpatient clinic. Whereupon realizing his true passion was fitness mainly due to the lack energy at a clinic. His energy is contagious and his goal of keeping clients amped, motivated, and always striving to achieve their goals is never ending.


He keeps up with the latest findings in health, fitness, and sports specific conditioning, maintains all certifications with a wide variety of continuing education courses and has a BS in Exercise Science. Neals expertise is extensive and include: post rehab, muscular development, posture/muscle imbalance, weight loss, sports conditioning and core training.


>> Georgia Southern University-B.S. Exercise Science

>> NASM Certified Personal Trainer

>> Kettlebell Concepts Certified

>> Member of the American College of Sports Medicine

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