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Training services 

All training services abide by the same principles with slightly different approachs and atmospheres. Develop functional strength and endurance, proper cardiovascular training, and perfect posture.

We are always working to improve muscular, functional, static, and dynamic balance. Proper form is always a major focus at Body by Design. Upon starting all clients will receive a comprehensive asessment including a functional movement screen, nutritional consultation, posture alignment, stretch test, and other baseline measurements. This will include goal setting.

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Customized Training Programs 

Everybody is different and we recognize the that individualized attention and customized approaches are the most effective at limiting injuries and facilitating your specific goals.  Regular encouragement, community support, and tracking your progress each and every workout is key to ensuring we heading in the right direction.  We're your support team and will ensure your program is the right for YOU!  



Nutrition Coaching
Progressed programs as you continue progressing


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