Personal Training

All training services abide by the same principles with slightly different approachs and atmospheres. Develop functional strength and endurance, proper cardiovascular training, and perfect posture.

We are always working to improve muscular, functional, static, and dynamic balance. Proper form is always a major focus at Body by Design. Upon starting all clients will receive a comprehensive asessment including a functional movement screen, nutritional consultation, posture alignment, stretch test, and other baseline measurements. This will include goal setting.

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1-1 Personal Training 

One on one provides the individualized attention and customed designed program that are 100% specific to YOU and meet your needs. This approach includes an initial movement screen to determine the best approach in moving forward with your body type (i.e. strengths, weaknesses, overactive and underactive muscles) thus ensuring we don’t overdevelop or underdevelop muscle groups unecessarily. This process allows us to detail and develop the program prior to your first session.


Semi-Private Training 

All of the same benefits and necessary pre-liminary interaction as 1-1 with an accountability partner. This allows for similar attention as 1-1 but a more time efficient and cost effective approach. So bring a friend, family member, or partner and keep other on task.

sports training

Sport Specific Training

Experiece in designing programs for all sports including Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, and Football.

With in-studio turf…the field comes alive!

Groups and 1-1 available.