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Jazzlyn Pepper


My life revolves around God with family, fitness and Country close behind. I am originally from Denver Colorado. I graduated from Auburn University with a B.S in Kinesiology and a minor in military Science. I commissioned into the United States Army last year as a 2LT in the Medical Services Corps. In my spare time I lift weights and eat chicken wings (in moderation of course).

My freshman year of college I gained some extra weight and hated how I felt about myself. I knew nothing about the gym but set a goal to go everyday at 5:30am. That same year my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 endometrial cancer. I saw how important health truly is while watching my mom struggle. The gym became my saving grace in finding who I was both physically and emotionally. The 5:30am goal quickly became a habit which turned into a passion and curiosity, leading to me switching my major from political science to kinesiology.

Through changing my own body, I became determined to help other people feel that same feeling of accomplishment and confidence. Fitness excites me because there are hundreds of ways to combine exercise and nutrition to reach a goal, which means there is something out there for every single person. I live for the moments where people feel like they can’t give it anymore but dig into a dark place and push themselves even further than they ever imagined. It’s an honor to be apart of the moments which is how and why I love coaching/personal training. 


Auburn University - Kinesiology B.S.

USA - Army, 2LT MSC