Jazzlyn Pepper


Jazzylyn’s life is centered around God with family, fitness and Country close behind. She is originally from Denver Colorado. She graduated from Auburn University with a B.S in Kinesiology and a minor in military Science. While in college she interned for USA Team handball and the kinesiology research department. She has been coaching for 3 years with experience at corporate and private gyms. She proudly serves as an officer in the U.S Army Reserve Medical Service Corps. She is currently a top ranked powerlifter both at the state and national level.  


During Jazzylyn’s freshman year of college she gained some extra weight and hated how she felt about herself. She knew nothing about the gym but set a goal to go everyday at 5:30am. That same year her mom was diagnosed with stage 4 endometrial cancer. She saw how important health truly is while watching her mom struggle. The gym became her saving grace in finding who she was both physically and emotionally. The 5:30am goal quickly became a habit and passion leading her to switch her major from political science to kinesiology. Fitness excites her because there are hundreds of ways to combine exercise and nutrition to reach a goal, which means there is something out there for every single person. She lives for the moments where people push past limits they didn’t know possible

Certifications: B.S Fitness Conditioning, and Performance, NASM CPT 

Specialties: Powerlifting, Strength and Conditioning, weight-loss, military fitness 


Favorite Quote: “God is within her, she will not fall.” Psalm 46:5 

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