Lily Masoumy

CFSC, NASM, Strength Coach

Lily grew up playing tennis in St. Louis, MO. While achieving her Masters degree in Public Health, she brought the Mizzou Tennis Club Team to a recognized USTA national level. She holds a CPT Certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach. Additionally, Lily is certified in Yin Yoga, which is an amazing preventive tool for athletes in stretching and flexibility. Especially motivated by mindset, she provides you with the skills to strengthen your mind, as well as your body, in order to create an optimal powerhouse.

Lily's contagious energy shines through whether she is chatting with you about your health and fitness goals, or pushing you past your limits on that last rep. Her passion for helping others achieve better overall health started with her career in cancer research, where she quickly realized how a common denominator for this diagnosis was poor health and lack of exercise. Embracing her background in sports and training, she has shifted her focus to the root cause of chronic diseases, continuing to expand and her knowledge in health and fitness, and inspire others to not only reach, but surpass their goals.

Outside of training, she is also an actor. You can often find her in sketch shows with her comedy group in Atlanta! A firm believer in enjoying what you do, Lily brings a warm, fun energy to every training session. She is the sweet girl next door who loves talking about life and helping others, but fair warning as your coach, she will push you past what you think you can do!


Mizzou University - CPT, NASM, Certified Functional Strength Coach, Certified Yin Yoga



Lifestyle mentoring, Mindset, Weight loss, Strength & Conditioning, Functional Training


Favorite Quote: 

"I know you're tired but come, this is the way."


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