Jon Lundahl


Jon is a certified strength and conditioning coach that has worked in a variety of settings. Born and raised in Oxford, Mississippi, Jon got into powerlifting in high school. As a senior, he set the state record in the squat with 570 lbs in the 181 lb weight class. This led him to develop a passion for training that has carried over heavily into his professional career. He began personal training in 2011 and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science in 2012 from the University of Mississippi. He worked as a research assistant and graduate instructor while completing his Master's degree in Biomechanics.  He then became the Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning at Eastern Illinois University, where he ran the strength, speed, agility, and conditioning programs for the men’s basketball, baseball, women’s soccer, and golf teams, as well as assisting with football. He has also performed strength and conditioning internships at Georgia Tech, the University of Mississippi, and the University of Illinois. In addition to training at Body By Design, he also works at Project Walk Atlanta designing rehabilitation programs for patients that have suffered spinal cord injuries. 


Lifestyle improvement, Weight loss, Strength & Conditioning

Favorite Quote: 

"Go beyond, plus ultra!" which means reach for your limits, and then once you hit those limits go even further.


Bachelor's in Exercise Science,CPT

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