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Anthony Van Garay

CPT and Strength Coach

Strength Coach Tony is a man of many talents. Tony has been training Americas fighting force since 2005 where he had his humble beginning as a U.S. Army Soldier. During his time spent as an enlisted Soldier, Tony went on to complete his degree in Exercise Science from Georgia State University. Tony is highly skilled in leading people to healthy way of movement. Helping individuals hit realistic and achievable goals, whether being fat loss or striving to be the most well rounded and highly technical lifter.Tony has worked with hundreds of individuals and has trained youth all the way to geriatrics in achieving their true potential. Weight loss is only the beginning of a lifelong transformation. 


Mobilization, Endurance/Marathon Training and Exercise Injury Prevention 

Favorite Quote: 

“Take your biggest breath of all and prepare for progress!” 


Bachelors in Exercise Science, USA Weightlifting Certified, WKC Kettlebell Certified, NASM CPT, ACSM Certified